Kingdom Women Connection

Collaborate in life, work and callings, to empower, equip and accelerate each other’s vision Join the Community

A Kingdom collaborative community
FOR women, BY women

we were never meant to walk alone

KWC is a 501(c)(3) and brings together Kingdom-minded women to collaborate in our life, work and callings, so that we can empower, equip and accelerate each other’s vision.

50% of ALL donations go back into a Community Fund to birth & underwrite Kingdom projects!

We’re a community that brings all Kingdom women together for collaboration:

Our intention is to be funded FOR women, BY women

To create a legacy organization and legacy fund for present and future generations of Kingdom women

Leveraging each other’s gifts, strengths and expertise

To save us all from having to “recreate the wheel” or be a “jack of trades”

To leverage our income streams and invest/tithe a portion back INTO Kingdom women and their work